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Welcome to The Writer area. Here you can read excerpts of novels, Daniel Region, Authorscreenplays and plays. This region is a Work In Progress, ever changing, growing. New samples appear regularly, so check back often. To read selections of the written word click on the links below.

Mr. Region is currently at work writing a new novel, The Wolves at Your Door. It is the story of a woman, born in a covered wagon during a run on the Cherokee Strip in the Oklahoma Territory. Her story is one of determined, solitary struggle to raise and make a home for her children amid the hard times of the Great Depression in 1930's America. The Wolves at Your Door illustrates that the greatest strength and unwavering courage often resides at the core of the most gentle, unassuming individuals.

Tales From Thurmons Corners

A Fictional Memoir

Tales From Thurmons Corners
is a touching and magical book set on the Mid-Western Prairie. Dave Lang rediscovers the home he believed lost.

Tales From Thurmons Corners has been published and is available on Amazon. Click Here to visit the Amazom Page.

Waiting For The Angel

A Novel

Waiting For The Angel is the story of 107 year old Tess McDonald who, through conversations about the great love of her life, comes face to face with her destiny.


The Shoe Tattoo
An Erotic Thriller

The Shoe Tattoo
is a dark sexual tale of an assassin unhappily addicted to a solitary, nameless life style.



Warm Ways
An Erotic Story

Warm Ways, the Valentine's Day reading story previously here.


The Watcher

A Screenplay

The Watcher is a story of love with an unlikely stranger. Packed with surprise, international intrigue, murder and a cross country chase.


Living With The Lies

A Screenplay

Living With The Lies
illustrates the power of the truth and the lie. A steamy, sexual, film noir thriller about a man who wants to disappear and the woman who needs to come along.


The Rehearsal

A Play in 14 Scenes

The Rehearsal
allows us to enter the world of a play in rehearsal. The Rehearsal is about life, death, trust, sex, love, sugar, control, how, why and when.


A Very Fine Eye: A Conversation With Frederic Church

A Play

A Very Fine Eye
is a one-man show on the life of renowned 19th Century landscape painter, Frederic Church.


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